The Headstart Coaching S-Mile Dash

Following on from the success of our maiden virtual event, The COVID-19 Virtual 10km Hanidcap, we decided it would be rude not to continue organising these virtual events for you during this race drought!

Presenting to you, 

'The Headstart Coaching S-Mile Dash'

How does it work?

The mile will follow a similar principle to both the 5km and the 10km however there is a twist. The mile will produce two leaderboards. The first of these will be a handicap. The aim is to run as much inside your 5k PB pace as you can.

Your performance will be compared to your 5k PB pace, like in the other two events, to give you a percentage. As always, the lower the percentage, the better the performance!

The winner will be the runner who achieves the lowest percentage. 

There will also be an overall leaderboard ranked from fastest to slowest. 

S-Mile Dash Handicap Leaderboard

S-Mile Dash Overall Leaderboard


* All payments are final. If the event is unable to run as a result of stricter regulations, all entries will be deferred to a later date.

* By entering, the participant declares that they are physically fit and able to compete. Headstart Coaching takes no responsibility for any injuries incurred whilst participating in the Virtual one mile event. 

* Headstart coaching does not condone people partaking in this event in groups. Please follow the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and take part within the safe, social distancing regulations.