The COVID-19 Virtual 10km Handicap

Thank you so much to the 55 people who entered and took part in our first ever virtual event,

'The COVID-19 Virtual 10km Handicap'.


I hope you all enjoyed running the event as much as I enjoyed organising it. It's been a blast and you guys and gals made it as simple as it could have been! Once I have posted the medals I'll be able to give you a final number on how much we have raised but right now it's looking like being between £30-40 which will be split between our two charities!

Below is a link to the final results, keep your eyes peeled for the next one! 



Here is how it worked!

Competitors times were compared against their official personal bests and converted into a percentage. 

For example if you ran your exact PB, you would score 100%!

Congratulations to our winner, Ewen Wilson, who scored a phenomenal 90.9%! Ewen shaved an incredible 5 minutes and 18 seconds off of his personal best!!!



* All payments are final. If the event is unable to run as a result of stricter regulations, all entries will be deferred to a later date.

* By entering, the participant declares that they are physically able to compete. Headstart Coaching takes no responsibility for any injuries incurred whilst participating in the Virtual 10km event. 

* Headstart coaching does not condone people partaking in this event in groups. Please follow the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and take part within the safe, social distancing regulations.