The Coronalympic Relay Challenge

After three successful virtual handicap races, Headstart Coaching now present to you our biggest and most ambitious event to date! 

'The Coronalympic Relay Challenge'

Throughout the month of July, the aim is to collectively run the 13,800 mile trip from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Tokyo, Japan. This is in the spirit of the Tokyo 2020 torch relay that will no longer be taking place!

Mission Accomplished!

Over 50 runners and 3 months later we hit our distance goal of 11,536 miles!

Head Start Coaching - Olympic Torch Chal

Thanks to everyone who entered and contributed miles!


* All payments are final. If the event is unable to run as a result of stricter regulations, all entries will be deferred to a later date. Headstart Coaching also maintain the right to postpone the event should adequate entries not be received.

* By entering, the participant declares that they are physically fit and able to compete. Headstart Coaching takes no responsibility for any injuries incurred whilst participating in the Coronalympic Relay Challenge. 

* Headstart coaching does not condone people partaking in this event in large groups. Please follow the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and take part within the safe, social distancing regulations.